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white out

1. To cover or obscure something completely in or with a white substance. Often used in passive constructions. Several of the names on the official document had been whited out. The terrible snow storm whited the sky out, making it impossible for pilots to take off.

2. slang To be rendered unconscious, insensible, or extremely nauseated from recreational drug use, especially cannabis. Typically accompanied by a sickly pallor. No thanks, I don’t smoke pot anymore—I white out whenever I try it. You whited out hard last night, dude. You couldn’t even understand what I was saying to you!

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white out


1. To erase or cover something so that it cannot be seen or read: I whited out the information on my computer screen. Some of the words in the passage were whited out, and the students had to fill them in.

2. To cause something or someone to be rendered incapable of seeing the surrounding area because of falling or blowing snow: The drivers were completely whited out during the blizzard.

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