What does XFL stand for? The Free Dictionary

“We’re going to give football back to you, the fans,” McMahon promised in January, unveiling the reboot of the XFL for a planned 2020 launch.
McMahon is back in charge, pumping $100 million into the XFL through his new private entity, Alpha Entertainment.
2001 _ One year later, the XFL muscles its way onto the national sports scene with its first two games.
In between Arena and XFL league play, D’Agostino had a friend who sponsored him for securities industry licenses.
The XFL and Football’s Future Imperfect’, Football Studies, vol.
Niche sport products such as the Extreme Football League (XFL) and the Women’s United Soccer Association (WUSA) are just two examples of niche sport properties failing to sustain a unique slice of the sport spectator market share, and thus they faltered after only a short life-span.
Wrestling, steroids, politics, XFL and fake deaths: the crazy world of would-be Newcastle owner Vince McMahon at http://bit.ly/i9xDX0 STEVE ANGLESEY’S 3PM COLUMN See video of Sky Sports’ Richard Keys and Andy Gray laughing at women’s football at http://bit.ly/elRKD8 FOOTBALL SPY Watch Darren Lewis’s transfer news video every lunchtime on MirrorFootball.co.uk
The RFM Xtal portfolio now includes ultra-high-precision to moderate-precision products to meet a broad spectrum of performance requirements, and are comprised of Xtal resonators (XTL), Xtal filters (XFL), Xtal oscillators (XO), Xtal temperature compensated XO (TCXO), Xtal voltage controlled TCXO (VCTCXO), and Xtal oven controlled XO (OCXO).
Matthew Coller: First question I have about the UFL is, what, in your opinion, makes it different -in terms of chances for success- from other failed leagues such as the World Football League and XFL?
Federation’s failed XFL football league was the fact that all teams
He has all the major professional leagues (even the XFL, no matter what you thought of that venture), plus major colleges, minor colleges, Canadian colleges, and even defunct colleges (no, not colleges that have become defunct, like the one that awarded your Field Correspondent his master’s degree in communications in 3 weeks, but colleges with defunct football programs).
Mayhew is one of the few success stories to emerge from the ill-fated XFL. After his stint as director of football administration for the now-defunct football league, he became senior director of football administration/staff counsel for the Lions.

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