What does UNIP stand for? The Free Dictionary

O estudo foi aprovado pelo Comite de Etica em Pesquisa em Seres Humanos da UNIP, Campus Indianopolis-SP, sob o parecer numero 1.184.604 e Certificado de Apresentacao para Apreciacao Etica (CAAE) numero 46369615.5.0000.5512.
The authors thank CAPES/PROSUP for the research grant to ADL, Fapesp (grants # 99/05904-6 and 08/58706-8) and UNIP for support.
Como pode ser observada na tabela 12 a equipe do Corinthians/ Sao Caetano/ Unip, consegui alteracao no resultado da final gracas a utilizacao do goleiro-linha.
In January 1964, UNIP won the General Election under the new Constitution beating the ANC under Nkumbula.
In accordance with the intention to formalize UNIP supremacy in the new system, the constitution stipulated that the sole candidate in elections for the office of president was the person selected to be the president of UNIP by the party’s general conference.
Back in Northern Rhodesia, he became involved in politics when he joined the youth wing of the UNIP political party in 1960.
Visando incentivar e fortalecer as mais diversas iniciativas de intervencao e producao do conhecimento em Psicologia da Saude, foram concedidas varias premiacoes, a saber: Premio ALAPSA 2007 para o melhor trabalho do congresso; Premio Psicologia da Saude, ao melhor tema-livre oral do congresso; Premio ALAPSA BRASIL, destinado ao melhor poster do congresso; Premio UNIP, entregue ao melhor trabalho da UNIP e o Premio Mathilde Neder, contemplando a Instituicao com maior representacao de trabalhos enviados ao congresso.
Mr Kaunda banned all parties except the UNIP following violence during the 1968 elections.
This study was funded by a grant from UNIP and FAPESP.
Between 1999 and 2000, production fell by 22% to 3.9 million tonnes and the area under cultivation by 8% (1.137 million hectares), according to France’s Union nationale des plantes riches en proteines (Unip).
Mulenga’s converts refused to obey state authorities and often clashed with members of Kaunda’s UNIP. Between July and October of 1964, more than seven hundred people died in clashes between Lumpa Church members and supporters of UNIP.
Kaunda’s United National Independence Party (UNIP) said putting the 73-year-old former president under house arrest had not changed anything and the party would boycott talks with the government.

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