What does TORB stand for? The Free Dictionary

TorB when the facts demonstrate that either (a) U.S.

TorB assets produce the income, gain or loss, or (b) U.S.

The acceleration profiles in Figure 4(b) show a small time penalty on the ILC profile compared to the TORB complete maneuver time.

He doesn’t want that to happen again, and so his family is omnipresent at Motorbass, with Vandevelde and Torb completing the triumvirate of his old-world guild ethics.

The group included Zdar, his entire family, Torb and Vandevelde, Marshall and her good friend Anne-Laure Keib (of the band Appaloosa), and Jeff Dominguez, one of Zdar’s childhood friends who’s helping Marshall record her album.

A positive thinker, Torb Lindskog is optimistic about Norma’s prospects.

The TORBED has shown itself to be capable of producing high quality, high yield and consistent roasted coffee.

There are several patents assigned to large roasters that appear related to the TORBED technology and were used to creating a high yield roast/ground coffee.

As readers may know, this unit has been designed byAldermarston-based Torbed Services Ltd for the very fast heat transfer to food products, up to 350 C, without the use of oil or superheated steam.

EAFI carried out trials, which showed that in 50 seconds the Torbed unit reduced the total viable count of organisms on Sarawak black pepper from 32 million per gram of product to just 200,000.

The Torbed 400 has been designed for work and downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

Dodson and his small team of nine who operate from a converted manor house, stress the efficiency of the Torbed.

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