What does TCBC stand for? The Free Dictionary

The delegation, led by Liang Qungshan, chairman of TCBC and vice president of the China Chamber of International Commerce, represents several business sectors including infrastructure and construction, mechanical and metallurgical industry, telecommunication, ICT, energy renewable energy, environment, as well as building materials.
Formerly a day spa, the building is a perfect fit for the growing needs of the TCBC. In addition to the more central location, it is right next to two major hospitals, which is an important detail if medical support becomes needed during a patient’s labor.
In 1999, the Montgomery County Department of Job and Family Services (MCDJFS) created the Targeted Community Based Collaborative (TCBC), using Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) and Workforce Investment Act funds.
Then the adagio centered on haunting interactions with cellist Soo-Kyung Hong as well as near solos by TCBC‘s violinist, sister Soo-Jin Hong.
But everyone supported the system as a whole, while TCBC was able to respond to local control.
The TCBC meets in Tampa May 15 “to figure out how to make the cuts and how to apportion those reductions to the various circuits.
Miami-Dade County Judge Shelley Kravitz, chair of the Conference of County Court Judges, concurs and is planning to spend a lot of time in Tallahassee this fall supporting the TCBC efforts to weather the state’s economic downturn and hold on to as much court funding as possible as the state looks to trim $1 billion from the budget during a special session that gets underway later this fall.
One major advancement for the judicial system, according to Second Circuit Chief Judge Charles Francis, vice chair of the TCBC, is funding for the judicial inquiry system.
Last year, under the leadership of former TCBC Chair Judge Susan Schaeffer, of the Sixth Judicial Circuit, they were able to reduce that $2.5- million deficit to $1.7 million because of restrictions on hiring practices, he said.
The TCBC objected to that, and ultimately the statute was redrafted to say the clerks would carry out functions authorized by law or court rule, Morris added.

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