What does SPOE stand for? The Free Dictionary

Under the SPOE strategy, if the subsidiary begins to fail, a
The unit should also contact the transportation battalion at the SPOE and include it early in the planning.
In 2013, the FDIC elaborated on its strategy for the use of these new powers and outlined its SPOE strategy.
Again, the prism for assessing this new SPOE approach is this: will it allow a large financial institution to fail without causing runs?
Adam Levitin, SPOE: Backdoor Bailouts and Funding Fantasies?, CREDIT
there are no implications in relation to the equality principle, the FDIC has expressly stated in its SPOE strategy that in exceptional circumstances a disparate treatment of creditors can occur–although similarly situated creditors will not be treated differently so as to result in preferential treatment.
The FDIC’s Single Point of Entry (SPOE) strategy is a leading example of a recapitalization strategy that takes place within a Dodd-Frank Orderly Liquidation (OLA) process.
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(54) The FDIC formally adopted the single point of entry (SPOE) approach to implement Title II in a December 2013 release that is currently out for comment.
As the Single Point Of Entry (SPOE) for the submarine Pacific Fleet, and tasked with direct customer support for all assigned and visiting units, the role of the SUBSAT is multifaceted.
The result is a blow to the Social Democrats (SPOe) of Chancellor Werner Faymann, which supported scrapping conscription, ahead of elections due in October.
This helped to prompt the government coalition of Social Democrats (SPOe) and the Center-Right People’s Party (OeVP) to come up with a package of budget cuts and higher taxes totaling EUR 26.5 billion over the next five years, in order to balance the budget by 2016.

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