What does SOHCAHTOA stand for? The Free Dictionary

Based only on his Doncaster run you would expect Sohcahtoa, who finished full of running, to stay further or do better at a track with a stiffer finish.
Ryan Moore admittedly had a plum draw that night on Sohcahtoa – he also had the run of the race – but he stuck on gamely to be third, beaten only half a length.
For anyone, who, like me, has forgotten, the word sohcahtoa was invented to help remember how to calculate the sine, cosine and tangent of an angle but it does not really work, as proven by my having to look it up.
Beginning only with the tangent ratio rather than all three ratios together was particularly beneficial because it avoided the need for the SOHCAHTOA rule until after students had plenty of time to think about the concepts.
Richard Hannon has two runners in The Easter Stakes with Ryan Moore on the perceived first string Sohcahtoa. He ran a fair third in the Kentucky Derby Challenge Stakes at Kempton in mid-March.
NAOMI MATTHEW: 2.10 Shaleek, 2.45 Red Roar, 3.20 Pearl Secret, 3.55 Sohcahtoa, 4.30 Ogaritmo, 5.00 Rafaaf, 5.35 Solemn.
NEWBURY: 1.20 Usain Colt, 1.50 Emperor Vespasian, 2.20 Trader Jack, 2.55 Jarrah, 3.30 Parisian Princess, 4.05 Tanaami, 4.40 Songburst, 5.15 Sohcahtoa. WOLVERHAMPTON: 5.45 Ivestar, 6.20 Rio Grande, 6.50 Makyaal, 7.20 Reem Star, 7.50 Munaawer, 8.20 Double Trouble, 8.50 One Of Twins, 9.20 Whats For Pudding DOUBLE: Seal Rock and Parisian Princess.
Googling a runner Sohcahtoa 1.45 York A mnemonic for remembering the relationship between the angles and sides of a right-angle triangle – sine equals opposite over hypotenuse (soh), cosine equals adjacent over hypotenuse (cah) and tangent equals opposite over adjacent (toa).
This is a hot little contest and not one to go overboard on but I’m giving another chance Sohcahtoa to prove he’s going in the right direction.
NAOMI MATTHEW: 1.20 Usain Colt, 1.50 Emperor Vespasian, 2.20 Trader Jack, 2.55 Jarrah, 3.30 Parisian Princess (nb), 4.05 Tanaami, 4.40 Songburst, 5.15 Sohcahtoa.
Over a mile and a quarter you have still got it to do, but at least you can ride a race from there.” Richard Hannon, trainer of Sohcahtoa “The handicapper reckons Sohcahtoa is a 7lb better horse on the all-weather, though he was unlucky not to win at Newmarket last month and he is back over his right trip.”
TOMORROW’S TIPS LINGFIELD: 2.00 Bintalwaadi, 2.30 Gra Adhmhar, 3.00 Felicia, 3.30 Quince, 4.00 Mary[sup.3]s Pet, 4.30 Ginger Grey, 5.00 Musical Script, 5.30 Not My Choice NOTTINGHAM: 5.35 Roche Des Vents, 6.05 Meikle Barfil, 6.35 Sulis Minerva, 7.05 SOHCAHTOA (NAP), 7.35 Lady Willa, 8.05 Sandy Shaw WINCANTON: 2.20 John[sup.3]s Gift, 2.50 Mostly Bob, 3.20 Or Jaune, 3.50 Blazing Bailey, 4.20 Crazy Bold, 4.50 Amwell Brave YARMOUTH: 2.10 Belle Royale, 2.40 Danzoe, 3.10 Aqua Vitae, 3.40 Atacama Sunrise, 4.10 Protaras, 4.40 Epic, 5.10 Locum DOUBLE: Sohcahtoa and Mary’s Pet

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