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Acronym Definition SD South Dakota (US postal abbreviation) SD San Diego SD Standard Definition (standard for digital video disk recorders) SD Super Duty (automobiles) SD Significantly Different SD Storage Device SD Seven Days (band) SD Self Defense SD Shutdown SD Secure Digital SD Software Development SD Single Dose SD Smackdown (WWE TV show) SD Scooby-Doo SD Service Delivery SD Sudan (ISO country code, top level domain) SD Silenced (weapon) SD Software Developer SD Something Different SD Sales and Distribution (SAP) SD Social Development SD Survey Data (drafting and design) SD Sustainable Development SD Snoop Dogg SD Sverigedemokraterna (Swedish: Sweden Democrats) SD Standard Deviation SD Source/Drain SD Speed Dial SD Smart Devices SD Slam Dunk SD Sample Data SD Smoke Detector SD Security Deposit SD Sanjay Dutt (Indian actor) SD Snare Drum SD Slowdown SD Stable Disease SD Sudden Death SD Sheriff’s Department SD Slobodna Dalmacija (Croatian newspaper) SD Super Deformed (anime) SD Sweet Dreams SD System Dynamics (complex systems) SD Sexual Dysfunction SD Sega Dreamcast SD Send Data SD Senior Director SD State Director SD Steward (USN Rating) SD Scleroderma (connective tissue disease) SD Snow Day SD Shinedown (band) SD Science Data SD Salvia Divinorum (entheogenic spice) SD Service Description SD Self-Destruct SD Sicherheitsdienst (German Security Department, WWII) SD Shipping Date SD System Description SD Sine Die (Without A Day, fixed) SD Step-Daughter SD Service Director SD Sprague-Dawley (laboratory rat strain) SD Sauer-Danfoss (various locations) SD Senile Dementia SD Sugar Daddy SD Special Duty SD Soap Dispenser SD Standard Duty (6 axle diesel locomotive) SD Software Documentation SD Skinny Dippin’ SD Service Dress SD Same Difference SD Submissive Dominant SD Steely Dan SD Shipping Department SD Static Data SD System Device SD Shine-Dalgarno (genetics sequence) SD Senior Discount SD Schematic Description (Bell System) SD Discriminative Stimulus SD Steroid-Dependent (medical status) SD Safe Driver SD Social Distortion (band) SD Storm Drain SD Sidereal Day (orbital mechanics) SD Search Depth SD Signal Degrade SD Soluciones Digitales (Spanish: Digital Solutions; Guatemala) SD Star Destroyer (Star Wars) SD Shadowdale (MUD) SD Siamese Dream (Smashing Pumpkins album) SD Supply Depot (Starcraft) SD Speed Demon SD Scoping Document SD Shadow Development SD System Display SD Stay Down SD Senior Deacon SD Seiken Densetsu (game) SD Signed Digit SD Single Density SD Swap Dealer (investing) SD Skin Dose SD Selection Diversity SD Security Descriptor (Windows 2000) SD Sight Draft SD Situation Display SD Sandy Denny (singer) SD Spasmodic Dysphonia SD Sekolah Dasar (Indonesian elementry school) SD Saturation Degree SD Social Desirability SD Senate Document SD Spectral Data SD Scan Disc (digital media card) SD Sample Duplicate SD Schweizer Demokraten (Swiss Democrats) SD Shaolin-Do (martial arts) SD Smoke Damper (HVAC systems) SD Software Division SD Sectional Density SD Speed Disk (Norton Utilities) SD Schizotypal Disorder SD Salutem Dicit (Latin: sends greetings) SD Sudanese Dinar SD Solar Diffuser SD Smith-Dorrien (General Sir Horace Smith-Dorrien) SD Sudan Airways (IATA airline code) SD Study Director SD Survey Department SD Superior Defender (anime) SD Site Defense SD Service Duct SD Siemens Dematic SD Structured Design SD Supporting Document SD Space Division SD social drinker SD Salario Devengado (Spanish: Earned Salary; various nations) SD Spirit Detective (anime) SD Slightly Damned (web comic) SD Stage Direction (theater) SD Solar Dynamics SD System Demonstration SD Spatial Disorientation SD Super Dense SD Supplementary Declaration (trade) SD Synthetic Division SD Spiral Development (effort) SD Specially Denatured (alcohol for cosmetics) SD Spectral Decomposition SD Strength-Duration SD Schedule Deviation SD Stick Death (cartoon) SD Socratic Dialogue SD Stationary Deterministic (neural information processing) SD Spin Dynamics SD Soul Decision (band) SD Satan’s Disciples (gang) SD Social Day SD Solicitation Document SD Systems Diagram SD Supply Duct SD Sans Date (French: No Date) SD Sacrum Diis (Latin: Consacrated to the Gods, epigraphy) SD Sphere Decoding SD Suspense Date SD Stream Detection SD Subscale Demonstrator SD Stream Density SD Shoulder-Disarticulation (amputation) SD Solvent Desorption SD Superdreadnought (Honor Harrington science fiction novels) SD Super Domain SD Surface Duct SD Super Dreadnought (naval and sci-fi space navy warship class) SD Sweep Duration SD Static Displacement SD Southern Durchmusterung (star catalogue) SD Speciale Diensten (Dutch) SD Span Destination (Cisco) SD Submittal Description SD Structures and Deduction (ICALP Workshop) SD Section Disparu (French: Section That Does Not Exist, from TV show Alias) SD Spectacle Dispenser (US Navy) SD Safe, Detected Failure SD Start Descent SD Staff Digest SD Shivan Destroyer (FreeSpace 2 game) SD Sparklet Devices (.50 caliber ammunition headstamp) SD Scorned Death (Shadowbane guild) SD Spartan Dominion (forum) SD South Departure (aviation) SD Super Compact Disk (Toshiba/Time Warner) SD Senatus Decreto (Latin: By Decree of Senate, epigraphy) SD Archive and Dissemination Office (NIMA) SD Set Decipherable SD Stationary Disturbance SD Savane Développement (French) SD Sith Domination (gaming clan) SD Spider Duel (gaming, Subspace/Continuum) SD Aircraft Detection Radar for Submarines (US Navy) SD Synchronization Directorate SD Sound Dampened/Diffused (weapons) SD Saksual Dysfunction (psychology slang) SD Shabeellada Dhexe (postal region, Somalia) SD Saigon Dentist (website and forum)

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