What does SCORT stand for? The Free Dictionary

From the 5th to the 9th of October 22 young Palestinian women and men from the WestBank attended the pilot of the Scort Foundation project ‘Palestinian Territories’.
In December 1995, his 20-year-old son Neil died after his car was hit by a speeding police car chasing a stolen Ford E scort.
Scort Peck, A World Waiting to be Born 195-214 (1993).
An scort of six soldiers presented a woman and an infant, who had been named Jack Arthur Johnson.
Scort prefers poetry that “at once conveys to the reader the idea of the poet.” He contrasts Ben Jonson’s metaphysical poetry, which he calls “strange, forced,” with Shakespeare’s style, which Scott finds “congenial to our nature and feelings” (4-8).
Demandes d’amour were not a favorite game at court (59 — maybe they hated them, as people today hate charades); Chaucer did not write short poems in the 1360s (63); he reveals no scort for rustics and peasants (69); he never met Jehan de la Mote or Jean, Duc de Berry (70).
All the big Scort asks is that we look at the facts.
Morley is fined pounds 1,500 after Scort, Roundtown and Star Of The Arctic test positive, while Gandolfo is fined pounds 500 over The Clerk, who has twice failed tests.
Two are for David Morley as Rilke gets the better of Might Be (John/Anthony Webber) and Scort sees off Esprit (Henry Hutsby/Robert Mann).
There is also a double for Edward Courage as Quintus (Jeff Barlow) defeats Beechwalk (Forster/Peter Davies) in the two-mile-five-furlong handicap chase, while Semi-Colon (David Sutherland) holds off Scort (John Webber/Ian Watkinson) in the two-mile novices’ hurdle.

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