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Acronym Definition
OTW Over the Weekend (blog)
OTW Out of This World (various organizations)
OTW Otherwise
OTW Of The World (online TV network)
OTW Off The Wall
OTW On the Way
OTW On The Web
OTW Open the Web (software)
OTW Over the World
OTW On The Water (rowing term for the start of a session)
OTW On the Whole
OTW Over-The-Wire
OTW Out the Window (display/graphics)
OTW Off-Track Wagering
OTW Over The Wall
OTW Organization for Transformative Works
OTW Outside the Wire
OTW Overtime Win (hockey)
OTW One Time Watch (movies)
OTW One to Watch
OTW Old Time Wrestling
OTW Over the Water
OTW Off the Wagon
OTW Other Than War
OTW On the Wagon (alcohol abstinence)
OTW One True Way
OTW Off To War
OTW Of The Whale (gaming, World of Warcraft)
OTW Oceanic Time Warner (Hawaii cable TV)
OTW Oldham Theatre Workshop (UK)
OTW Order to Withhold (California Franchise Tax Board)
OTW One Train Working
OTW One-Time Waiver
OTW Orlando Tech Works, LLC (Orlando, Florida)
OTW Oudtestamentisch Werkgezelschap in Nederland en Belgiƫ (Old Testament study society)
OTW Optimal Transmit Weight

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