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NW Northwest
NW Network
NW Northwest Airlines (IATA airline code)
NW Nuclear Waste
NW No Way (chat)
NW New Wave
NW Norwegian (linguistics)
NW NetWare (Novell)
NW Now What?
NW Neverwinter
NW No Worries (chat)
NW Non-Woven (fabric)
NW Nuclear Weapon
NW Neighborhood Watch (various locations)
NW Nidwalden (Swiss Half Canton)
NW NetWeaver (SAP)
NW Nightwish (band)
NW National Westminster Bank
NW Net Weight
NW Now Watching
NW NetWorker
NW Nuclear Warhead
NW Ninja Warrior (game show)
NW Nuclear Warfare
NW Nanowatt (one-billionth of a watt)
NW National Waterway (India)
NW Normal Waste
NW Not Waiverable (US DoD)
NW London Northwest (postcode, United Kingdom)
NW Norfolk and Western Railway Company
NW Negligible Weathering
NW Normalized Water Leaving Radiance
NW Norwold (gaming)
NW Networks’ Watchdog (Ewbury)
NW Noble Wrestling

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