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Acronym Definition NS No Smoking NS Non-Smoker NS Name Server NS Network Simulator (networking research) NS Nova Scotia NS Nintendo Switch NS Not Sure (survey response) NS Natural Selection NS National Security NS Not Significant NS Not Specified NS New South NS Netscape NS Network Services NS New South Wales (Australia) NS Norfolk Southern Railway (railroad) NS Non Stop NS Nervous System NS Suriname NS North South NS North Side NS North Star (District in the Heart of America Council, Boy Scouts of America) NS New Style NS Nippon Shaft NS National Service NS New Series NS Night Stand (TV show) NS Neurosurgery NS New Scientist NS Novi Sad (Vojvodina Province, Yugoslavia) NS Naval Station NS Norfork Southern (railway) NS Nuclear Safety NS Network Solutions (various locations) NS Neutron Star (astronomy) NS National Statistics NS Not Started NS Newsstand NS Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railroads) NS Nippon Steel (Japan) NS Ninja Storm (Power Rangers cartoon) NS Normal Saline NS Not Statistically Significant NS National Standard NS Nanosecond NS Nasal Spray (drug administration) NS No Support NS Night Strike (gaming) NS No Standard NS NetSuite NS National Socialism NS Non-Structural (molecular biology) NS Nonstandard NS NeXTStep (Apple Computer) NS Negeri Sembilan (Malaysian state) NS No Show NS Navy SEALs NS Nice Shot (games) NS Nickel Steel (product feature) NS Navier-Stokes NS Naming Service NS NickServ (IRC Nickname Server) NS National Seashore (National Park Service) NS Nephrotic Syndrome NS Naruto Shippuden (anime) NS Not Scheduled NS New Spring (Wheel of Time short novel) NS Neck Strap NS Nihon Spindle (Nihon Spindle Manufacturing Co. Ltd.) NS Non Sequitur (Latin: Not Continuing, epigraphy) NS NationStates (online game) NS Norsk Standard (Norwegian Standard) NS Nullsoft (developers of Winamp) NS Nippon Seiki (Japan) NS Nada Surf (band) NS Neighbor Solicitation (computing) NS Nanostructure NS No Surrender NS Nimbostratus (cloud formation) NS Network Series NS Number of Stations NS Near Side NS Non-Stationary Stochastic (neural information processing) NS No Synchronization NS Nuclear Submarine NS Noonan Syndrome NS NetStumbler (wireless network discovery software) NS Ninja Scroll (gaming) NS Non-Status NS Neutral Site NS Northsouth NS Nuclear Shuttle NS Null Space (mathematics) NS Named Storms (hurricanes) NS Nuclear Ship NS National Special (machine screw thread, Society of Automotive Engineers) NS Nut Shot NS Nerve-Sparing NS Network Strategy NS Ninja Sword NS Network Supervisor NS NATO Secret NS No Soliciting NS Nuclear Survivability (US DoD) NS NetStorm (video game) NS New Shekels NS Nature’s Swiftness (gaming, World of Warcraft) NS Negative Small (number) NS Nissan Soap (Japan) NS No Stuff (polite form) NS Nadeem-Shravan (Indian film composers) NS Number of Suspensions NS N-Sider (gaming website) NS Node Switches NS National Stanine (educational testing) NS Non Serviceable NS Naughty Sorceress (gaming, Kingdom of Loathing character) NS Neighborhood Systems NS Narrow Sample NS Nurullah Sonmez (Turkey) NS Naval Sheltered (environment) NS Network Selector NS Netherton Disease NS Neutralized Solution NS Nazareth Sisters NS Nachschrift (Geman: Post Scriptum (PS)) NS NetStorager System (SGI)

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