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The objective of this technology is to channel the potential of artificial intelligence and augmented reality to assist in law enforcement procedures,” commented Dmitry Doshaniy, general manager at NNTC.

The independent Face Recognition Vendor Test conducted by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has recorded a True Positive Rating (TPR) of 97.45 per cent, indicating a high percentage of accurate matches, and a False Positive Rating (FPR) of only 0.1 per cent on a test database of over one million faces for NNTC‘s face recognition algorithm.

So far the response from our customers and the market overall has been extremely positive,” added NNTC‘s general manager.

partnership with NNTC will allow Dbrain to grow its presence in the MENA region across new

AI to detect suspicious banking transactions, Dbrain and NNTC will make the

Doshaniy, NNTC‘s General Manager, said: “Banking industry is one of the

Dubai-based IT consulting and training company NNTC is rolling out its custom chatbots to help businesses in the UAE digitise their business functions and automate internal processes.

NNTC develops custom chatbots on public platforms, which have been widely used as messengers (Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and Viber).

NNTC analysed some 200 corporate business processes and found out that most of them can be assigned to chatbots.

“We are rolling out the product that unlocks a range of advantages and brings the company to a new consumer-driven level of mobility and customer commitment: instant feedback, adequate response to any user request, and an accustomed and intuitive interface,” Basak Guler, NNTC‘s regional manager said.

The NNTC was made aware of what was happening, and it was incumbent upon it to assert a right to participate in the process.

When he [the Project Assessment Director] became aware of its [the NNTC‘s] demands to be brought into the process, it was incumbent upon him to consider whether consultation was required, and, if it was, to establish an appropriate procedure for such consultation.

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