What does MMMF stand for? The Free Dictionary

Patrick Burns, director of MMMF, said: “We will endeavour, through raising charitable donations and through supporting charitable works in Manchester, Munich and Belgrade, to keep the memory of the Busby Babes preserved and enhanced.”
Money-market credit spreads may also be kept wider by the combined impact of the LCR and MMMF reform, which has made banks less eager to receive deposits of corporate cash balances not intended for daily transactions, pushing them to government-only funds, and has made government paper relatively attractive.
In his original review, he claims that money market mutual funds (MMMFs) are not money because one cannot use them in payment at, for instance, a grocery store without the use of a check.
An MMMF is a type of mutual fund (17) typically offered by investment companies (18) as a short-term alternative to interest-bearing bank accounts.
Looking at the average composition of prime institutional MMMFs‘ portfolios, we can see that commercial paper holdings have clearly declined below pre-crisis levels.
The pro- posed algorithms outperforms URP [101], Attitude [102], MatchBox [103], and MMMF [104].
Next on the risk spectrum are money market mutual funds (MMMFs).
To illustrate the growth in MMMFs, figure 3 shows total bank assets, bank demand deposits, mutual fund assets, and MMMF assets as percentages of total financial assets: the bank share of total assets fell by about 20 percentage points from 1980 to 2008.
Money market mutual funds (MMMFs) are investment pools that invest in short-term liquid assets such as Treasury securities, commercial paper, repos, and certificates of deposit.
Also, MMMFs attempt to keep their net asset value at a constant $1 per share–only the yield goes up and down; and, although an MMMF reserves the right to “break a buck” and cause the per-share NAV to fluctuate, this has occurred only rarely.
The exceptions are money market mutual funds (MMMFs), both retail (in M2) and institutional (in M3).

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