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As this study is the first to use the MHLS with a clerical sample, we compared the results with those of O’Connor and Casey’s (2015) pilot studies.

Even with evidence of strong internal reliability and validity findings, the MHLS is a new measure, making cross-validation currently impossible.

(386) The Mental Hygiene Legal Service (“MHLS“) sued in its agency capacity in federal court challenging certain provisions of article 10 as facially unconstitutional.

instituted a policy in [OMH] hospitals requiring a defendant to be discharged within 72 hours following remand by the criminal court unless the defendant meets the criteria for either a voluntary or an involuntary admission to the hospital pursuant to article 9 of the [Mental Hygiene Law (“MHL“)].

Correction factors describing temperature effects on MHLs (TEM; measured as a fraction) were derived assuming that TEM increased continually in logarithmic relation with seawater temperature according to [Q.sub.10] values of 2.10 and 1.96 established in Mytilus edulis (Bayne & Newell 1983) and Crassostrea gigas (Bougrier et al 1995), respectively.

Calorimetric measures have established that heat losses of feeding and growth in excess of maintenance heat losses (MHL; measured in Joules per day) under conditions of 0 net energy balance increase in linear relation with energy absorption (Hawkins et al 1989, Widdows & Hawkins 1989).

determination must be communicated to MHLS, which may request a hearing
Under the 2005 National Strategy for Maritime Security, the National Response Plan, the National Incident Management System and the National Incident Command System, and the Maritime Operational Threat Response (MOTR) Plan provide the going-in architecture for MHLS operations.
First, the law requires that a court hearing must take place within three days of the filing of the petition.(190) Attorneys from MHLS have expressed concern that this leaves insufficient time for counsel to prepare, or even to become familiar with their client’s case histories.(191) Since the mentally ill affected by the law are not within a hospital setting, they may be harder for MHLS to reach, contributing to the problem of there being “insufficient time for proper advocacy.”(192) Second, the treatment plan may be presented at the time of the hearing or even three business days afterwards (if the petitioner is not a mental health or AOT program director).”(193) This does not allow sufficient time for the patient’s attorney to rebut the plan.
Modular, with Circulation, Catalog, OPAC and Acquisitions components plus remote access capability, MHLS has undergone extensive usability testing by both students and librarians.

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