What does METO stand for? The Free Dictionary

At speeds of 76mm a second, the mn-4203 can create labels on all Meto label stock and, with an option, the printer can operate at 101mm a second.
In such cases Meto people seek the reasons for birth difficulties in transgressions and sins committed during pregnancy.
His research formed the foundation for management of Bayou Meto WMA in 2004 and Dave Donaldson WMA in 2006.
SPEND A FEW days on Bayou Meto or any other green timber public hunting area in Arkansas and you probably won’t notice.
It is not constructive to additionally fan the flames by involving Albania and Bulgaria in the Greek agenda of imposing a new name on Macedonia,” Meto Koloski, President of UMD, said.
I AM writing to express my heartfelt thanks to all those who supported me during the sad loss of my beloved wife Meto Lakha on February 14.
“The concept of the Future Squad wasn’t hard for meto get across to coaches and players.
People always get in touch with meto volunteer information to let me know where they are.
At the recent Scantech Europe exhibition, Meto introduced a range of thermal printers.

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