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LTB Local Taxation Bureau (China)
LTB Lower Target Boundary
LTB Lustiges Taschenbuch (German Disney comic)
LTB Looking to Buy
LTB Landlord and Tenant Board
LTB Life Time Buy
LTB Last Time Buy
LTB Last Time Buy (purchasing)
LTB Lying Thieving Bastards
LTB Long-Time Behavior (mathematics)
LTB Local Technology of Bangladesh
LTB Light The Bliss (band)
LTB Liste der Technischen Baubestimmungen (German)
LTB Linear Time Base (Steinberg North America MIDI interface)
LTB Let To Buy (mortgage)
LTB London Transport Buses
LTB Legal, Tax & Business
LTB Let’s Talk Business (podcast)
LTB Last Trunk Busy
LTB License to Build (gaming community)
LTB Lithium Tetraborate
LTB Laryngotracheal Bronchitis
LTB Life Time Best
LTB Length Tolerant Bullet (Berger)
LTB Long-Term Brands
LTB Lower Time Bound
LTB Light Truck Bias Tires
LTB Lateral Torsional Bucking
LTB Laurel-Tryptose Broth
LTB Length through Bore (measurement)
LTB Leading Technophiles of Bengal
LTB Line Term Buffer
LTB Lying Tory Bastards
LTB Less-The-Better (principle)
LTB Local Track Block
LTB Lancaster Town Band (Lancaster, NY)

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