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Acronym Definition
LLO Object Oriented Deductive Language
LLO Lower Level Orchestrator
LLO Ligo Livingston Observatory (Livingston, LA)
LLO Listeriolysin O (hemolysin)
LLO Low Lunar Orbit
LLO Large Lakes Observatory (Duluth, Minnesota)
LLO Lipid-Linked Oligosaccharide
LLO Light-toned Layered Outcrops (Valles Marineris Walls, Mars)
LLO Local Loop Operators (Kenya)
LLO Lakeshore Light Opera (Canada)
LLO Laser Local Oscillator
LLO Logical Lines of Operation (US Army)
LLO Legislative Liaison Office
LLO Legislative Liaison Officer (US Army)
LLO Lead Laboratory Office
LLO Loudoun Lyric Opera (Virginia)
LLO Logistics Liaison Office
LLO Leverletto (knife)
LLO Large Leverage Operator

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