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Acronym Definition
LASO Los Alamos Site Office (Department of Energy)
LASO Latin-American Student Organization (SUNY at Stony Brook)
LASO Legendary, All Skulls On (gaming; Halo)
LASO Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office
LASO Latin American Students Organization (Carroll College, Waukesha, Wisconsin USA)
LASO Latin American Solidarity Organization
LASO Local Agency Security Officer (law enforcement)
LASO Lernen Anwenden – Systematisch Ordnen (German, standardized test suite for learning behavior)
LASO Louisiana Association of Symphony Orchestras
LASO Lifetime Aquatic Swim Organization (Marion, VA)
LASO Latin American Seminarian Organization (Quigley High School)
LASO Latin American Studies Consortium in Obesity (Madison WI)
LASO Landing Attack and Subsequent Operations (USMC amphibious operations)

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