What does HOIS stand for? The Free Dictionary

“The fourth quarter marked our highest Personal Care sales and EBITDA of the year, which included the results of our recent HOIS acquisition,” said John D.
Hoi gar nomothetai tous politas ethizontes poiousin agathous.” NE 2.1.1103b2-4; Bywater, p.
The rest of the England batting crumbled, apart from Mark Ealham, who helped hois side scramble to 207 all out.
According to Conrad, the Forbes analysis is faulty in ways that hois the authors by their own statistical petards.
Monika, an artist and teacher, and Staszek, a writer and professor, wend their way around tables through the cafe garden of my hotel, the Klezmer Hois, a rambling, peak-roofed building that used to house a mikvah.
NIGEL TWISTON-DAVIES yesterday suggested that Fundamentalist followers that his star will return from injury as good as new next year after confirming that hois star novice chaser will miss the remainder of the season.
who are entitled (hois exestin, to whom it is possible), bring an
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Abstract Interest in hybrid organic-inorganic (HOI) materials has grown rapidly in the last two decades.

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