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HFB Houston Food Bank (Houston, TX)
HFB Housing Finance Bank (various locations)
HFB Home Federal Bank (various locations)
HFB High Frequency Bandwidth (band)
HFB Hollow Fiber Bioreactor (culture system)
HFB Hindu Forum of Britain (UK)
HFB Horn-Fed Bowtie (antenna)
HFB Health & Fitness Business (trade show)
HFB Handsome French Bloke (Term for Olivier Giroud, Footballer playing for Arsenal)
HFB Health Fund Board (Oregon)
HFB Home Furnishings Business (magazine)
HFB heptafluorobutyryl
HFB Hooray for Boobies (Bloodhound Gang album)
HFB Hit From Behind
HFB Happy Freaking Birthday
HFB High Frequency Bipolar (device)
HFB High Functioning Bipolar
HFB Hybrid Fluidized Bed
HFB Hand from Block
HFB Host Federation-Broker
HFB High Frequency Broadcast
HFB Heavy Fabrication Business

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