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Acronym Definition FTP File Transfer Protocol FTP File Transfer Process (less common) FTP For the People (TV show) FTP First to Post (message board) FTP Free to Play (gaming) FTP Foster the People (band) FTP Fakultas Teknologi Pertanian (Indonesian: Faculty of Agricultural Technology) FTP Free Trial Period FTP Fitness to Practise (medicine; various locations) FTP First Time Poster (social media) FTP Failure To Pay (court ordered fines) FTP Full-Time Position FTP Foreign Trade Policy FTP Federal Test Procedure FTP Fulfilling the Promise (various organizations) FTP First Time Patient FTP File Transfer Program FTP Full Time Position FTP First Step FTP Fit to Page FTP File Transfer Profile FTP Flow Termination Point FTP Forms Translator Program FTP Foil Twisted Pair FTP Full-Time Permanent FTP Feel the Pain FTP Future Tours Program (cricket) FTP First-order Theorem Proving (International Workshop) FTP First Tranche Petroleum (energy sharing) FTP Foil Twisted Pair (cable) FTP Fast Track Program FTP For the Professionals FTP France Télévisions Publicité (French: France Television Advertising) FTP Fawcette Technical Publications FTP Federal Theatre Project FTP Funds Transfer Pricing FTP Fight the Power FTP Full Throttle Position FTP Failure to Progress (obstetrics, labor) FTP Fuel Tank Pressure (sensor) FTP Francs-Tireurs Partisans (French: Partisan Irregular Riflemen) FTP First Time Pass FTP Frequent Traveler Program FTP For Ten Points (college bowl) FTP Functional Threshold Power (exercise physiology) FTP Florida Teaching Profession FTP Flowing Tubing Pressure FTP Fleet Training Publication (US Navy) FTP Family Transition Place (Ontario, Canada) FTP Fire Test Procedure (international code; marine transportation) FTP Food Transfer Protocol 🙂 FTP Fiber Termination Panel (Sprint) FTP Functional Test Procedure FTP Field Training Preparation (USAF ROTC) FTP Fly-To-Point FTP Fire Treated Plywood FTP Facility Training Program FTP Functional and Technical Program (architectural development) FTP Forced Termination Probability FTP Final Technical Proposal FTP Flight Test Procedure FTP Functional Test Program FTP Fracture Transition Plastic FTP Folded, Trimmed and Packed (printing) FTP Full-Time Patch (ophthalmology) FTP Focused Technology Program FTP Fresh Tomato Pomace (swine feed) FTP Formal Technical Proposal FTP Foreign Trained Professional (Canada) FTP Fuel Transfer Port FTP Funk the Police (band) FTP Freedom and Technology Program (ACLU) FTP Functional Transfer Plan FTP Flush Terminal Plane (type of occlusion)

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