What does ESDII stand for? The Free Dictionary

Esdii wal was a dii biix, a deer with antlers long and sharp.

The third animal who challenged Esdii wal was a ‘mess ol, a

Esdii wal crossed further down the river to get ahead of the

Esdii wal pursued, using his ga’d to vault himself up the

Esdii wal had almost caught up when the bear kicked the

people in Esdii wal’s story obey ayook niiye’e and Gilouli

sends Esdii wal’s father to aid the children of Damelahamid.

Esdii wal’s story contain several illusions to the origin

wal’s story, his mother marries a naxnox and they have Esdii wal.

children establish the city of Damelahamid while Esdii wal’s

It is notable that Esdii wal spends the later part of his

At its heart, Esdii wal’s story reaffirms the relationship

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