What does EOB stand for? The Free Dictionary

‘Such EOB or awareness takes time to build into a comprehensive database.
What the insurance company is telling the physician, noted Fanburg, is you have seven days from the notification of the EOB to object.”I don’t know of one of my members yet that has been able to successfully negotiate the arbitration system that’s been set up in the law because it’s not available to them at this point.” – Lawrence Downs, Medical Society of New Jersey”They want the physician to have seven days of receipt to object, not seven days from notification.
Despite having “explanation” in its name, an EOB quite often confuses rather than explains anything.
Fluorescence lifetimes (t) were measured for EoY, EoB, RB, and its derivatives in THF and in SSO films and presented in Table 2.
“The aircraft is known to carry sensor packages to perform ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) and SIGINT (Signal Intelligence) missions: the antennae of the Tu-214R can intercept the signals emitted by the enemy systems (radars, aircraft, radios, combat vehicles, mobile phones etc) so as it can build the EOB (Electronic Order of Battle) of the enemy forces: where the enemy forces are operating, what kind of equipment they are using and, by eavesdropping into their radio/phone communications, what they are doing and what will be their next move.”
The three societies are calling for policies and procedures to be established “to ensure that health care billing and insurance claims processes such as explanation of benefit (EOB) notifications do not impede the confidential provision of health care services to adolescents” (J Adolesc Health.
This is achieved by reducing the number of denied insurance claims, speeding explanation of benefits (EOB) reconciliation, improving the quality of information, streamlining denial management, and automating processes.
* Review of your Explanation of Benefits (EOB), noting that not all medical services were actually provided to you.
“Thursday to Sunday, the recovery time’s not great and the eob energy levels of some of their players won’t be at full capacity.
That’s the only way you can access your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements.
In the case of health insurance, digital consumers want to see and navigate through their explanation of benefits (EOB) dynamically and to further communicate within the context of their claim — requiring insurers to be able to engage immediately via online chat or text.
Italian footballer Borini is known for surprising his fiancee after she unveiled a signature Burberry cape, which he had initialled ‘EOB‘ especially for her.

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