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Acronym Definition
ENF Enforcement
ENF Elephants Never Forget
ENF Expected Number of Failures
ENF Enforcement Action (Environmental Term AR 200-1)
ENF Elks National Foundation
ENF École de Natation Française (French: French School of Swimming)
ENF End Note Filter File
ENF Encrypt File
ENF École de Navigation Française (French: French School of Navigation)
ENF Eldorado National Forest (Placerville, CA)
ENF European National Front (political organization)
ENF Éclaireurs Neutres de France (French Scouting association)
ENF Electrical Network Frequency
ENF Event Notification Facility
ENF Equivalent Normal Form
ENF Equality Network Forum (Glasgow, Scotland)
ENF Elegant Normal Form (Boolean expression)
ENF ElectroNeuroFeedback (physiotherapy device)
ENF External Noise Field
ENF Equipment Not-Operationally-Ready to Fire
ENF Emerging Neighbourhood Fund
ENF Embarrassed Naked Female
ENF extended nuclear family
ENF Eugene Noise Festival (Oregon)

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