What does eMARS stand for? The Free Dictionary

The eMARS habitat will be a “SmartHab,” integrating SmartHome technology to monitor habitat operations and performance in real-time, while providing remote monitoring capability for offsite “Mission Control” and remote Principal Investigators.

Research and technology demonstrations and development at analog research stations, such as eMARS, provide invaluable access to International Space Station-like isolated, confined and extreme environments that are oftentimes a stepping stone to eventual research in an actual spaceflight or other extreme environment such as those found in remote and hostile environments like Antarctica or deep-sea ocean habitats.

At a learning seminar on eMARs held at the Assisted Living Federation or Americas (ALFA) national conference in May, Carolyn Dibert, RN, director of clinical services, Country Meadows Retirement Communities, located in Pennsylvania and Maryland, shared her organization’s experience in transitioning from MARs to eMARs.

However, “eMARs are not plug and play,” Dibert said.

Synapsis’ new EMARS REACH Solution enables users to:
When it comes to eMAR, no two definitions are the same and not all eMAR systems are created equal.
EMARS is an off-the-shelf solution that offers a complete set of functionality to analyze and track compliance at the substance, material, part and product level as well as efficiently manage the data collection and reporting process.
Best of all, Artromick technology solutions are designed to accommodate a host of healthcare hardware and software applications, including mobile computers, eMAR charting, bar code scanners, and wireless data transfer systems.
After the implementation of eMAR bedside barcode medication verification and improved workflow process, error rates did improve.

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