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Acronym Definition
DSDS Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar (German TV show)
DSDS Direction de la Santé et du Développement Social (French: Directorate of Health and Social Development)
DSDS Direction des Statistiques Démographiques et Sociales (French: Directorate of Demographic and Social Statistics)
DSDS Disjoint-Set Data Structure
DSDS Data Storage and Distribution System
DSDS Delaware State Dental Society
DSDS Defense Standard Disbursing System
DSDS Dataphone Switched Digital Service
DSDS Dual SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) Dual Standby (mobile phones)
DSDS Data Systems Dynamic Simulator
DSDS Distressed Submarine Depressurization System
DSDS Draft SHF DAMA Standard
DSDS Deck Starboard Deck Switch
DSDS Department of Senior and Disabilities Services

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