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What is special about the joint solution is the unique integration of Bosch Video Recording Manager (VRM) and NetApp E-Series Hybrid Flash Arrays as part of BVMS. The NetApp operating system is writing the data stream directly to the storage.
According to the reports, average time taken by a voter in using EVM was 15 seconds, while in the use of BVMs it ranged between 15 and 20 seconds.
h 0.25 0.125 0.0625 0.03125 MAXE BVMs 2.1607(-01) 2.8411(-02) 3.6378(-03) 4.6011(-04) ABM3 1.5401(-02) 3.1321(-03) 5.3778(-04) 7.9127(-05) 2PMBM 5.7923(-02) 1.2209(-03) 3.7500(-04) 8.4172(-05) DIMBM 1.8211(-02) 3.4489(-03) 4.6803(-04) 6.0807(-05) TFC BVMs — — — — ABM3 84 164 324 644 2PMBM 50 90 170 330 DIMBM 22 42 82 162 TS BVMs — — — — ABM3 20 40 80 160 2PMBM 11 21 41 81 DIMBM 11 21 41 81 Time BVMs — — — — ABM3 0.0715 0.1546 0.2433 0.3546 2PMBM 0.0460 0.0780 0.1710 0.2738 DIMBM 0.0140 0.0410 0.1170 0.1480 Table 3: Numerical results for Example 3.
He shared that the use of BVMs in the NA-120 by-election in Lahore last month showed the anomalies of the system, as the 10-12 per cent of voters could not verify their thumb impressions whereas overall the National Data and Registration Authority (NADRA) does not have around 12.5 million registered voters are not registered with NADRA.
The secretary said that the use of BVMs in the NA-120 by-election in Lahore last month revealed the anomalies in the system as thumb impressions of 10 to 12 per cent of the voters of the constituency could not be verified.
Brugnano and Trigiante [4-6] have also derived BVMs for the first-order initial and boundary value problems.
a continuous approximation U(x) of the exact solution y(x) from which the class of BVMs are developed.
Director and founder of Durham Equine Practice Nicola Mason BVMS MRCVS said: “We now have five full-time vets and a team of dedicated support staff covering all areas of the North East.”
DAVIES James Lloyd (Jams y Vet) BVMS, MRCVS Yn sydyn, ar nos Sadwrn Medi 26 2015, yn 80 mlwydd oed, yn Liskeard, bu farw James Lloyd Davies o Lletyprys, Llandysul; priod cariadus Tegwen, tad tyner Huw, Bedwyr, Buddug, Bleddyn a Heddwen, tadcu hoffus i’w wyrion a pharchus i’w blant-yng-nghyfraith.
Biopharmaceutical company Viking Therapeutics (NASDAQ:VKTX) revealed on Thursday the addition of Lawson Macartney, PhD, BVMS, as chairman of its board of directors.
John Parker, BVMS, Ph.D., Associate Professor of virology at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine’s Baker Institute for Animal Health, is one of a handful of specialists in the country studying FCV.
Nicholas Dodman, BVMS, DACVB, Program Director of the Animal Behavior Department of Clinical Sciences at Tufts University’s’ Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, is one of this country’s leading veterinary behaviorists.

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