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The BNBC was used to assess participants’ cognitive function, and subjects with abnormal performance in two tests were classified as cognitively impaired.

Current studies have shown that SDMT and Brief Neuropsychological Battery for Children (BNBC) could be effectively used for screening cognitive functions in pediatric MS.

Neuropsychological test Cognitive domain WISC-R (Wechsler Intelligence Scale IQ (intelligence quotient) for Children) SRT-LTS (Selective Reminding Test-Long-Term Storage) SRT-CLTR (Selective Reminding Test-Consistent Long-Term Retrieval) SRT-D (Selective Reminding Memory Test-Delayed) SPART (Spatial Recall Test) SPART-D (Spatial Recall Test-Delayed) MCST (Modified Card Sorting Test) Abstract/conceptual reasoning SDMT (Symbol Digit Modalities Test) Attention/concentration TMT-A/ B (Trail Making Test A/B) SVFT (Semantic Verbal Fluency Test) Language PVFT (Phonemic Verbal Fluency Test) IPT (Indication of Pictures Test) PCT (Phrase Comprehension Test) Token Test ODT (Oral Denomination Test) Table 4: Brief Neuropsychological Battery for Children (BNBC).

The BNBC was created in April 2017 by the order of President Alexander Lukashenko.
On June 26, 1946, Britain entered into an agreement with BNBC transferring the dominion over Sabah to the British Crown.

For equivalent static analysis of the conventional fixed based building, procedures described at BNBC are adopted.

The linear static analysis of the conventional fixed based building adopting the procedure described at BNBC executes the results shown in Table 1.

BNBC. Bangladesh: Housing and Building Research Institute, Bangladesh Standard and Testing Institute.

(d) Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC) 2006 ensures optimum return of substantial portion of national resource invested in building construction, in both public and private sectors and to achieve satisfactory performance of any construction, which is felt by the stake holders for reasonable modifications for which the modifications of the Code began in 1992 and was completed by the end of 1993.

Table 1 Actors Actions The Building Construction Act, Over all built 1952 environment-assessment against natural, social, and need-based assessment of density The Town Improvement (TI) Act Should recreate natural balance by 1953 enforcing stricter control on landscape and skyline legislation Building Construction Rules Priority in formulating built-open 2008 ratio through FAR and set back from variable road conditions Bangladesh National Building Should be revised Code (BNBC) 2006 Land Development Rules for Should enforce control over natural Private Housing 2004 land conversion

In 1946 the British Crown issued the Cession Order which transferred dominion over the properties of the BNBC in Sabah to the British Crown.

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