Waxes and wanes – Idioms by The Free Dictionary

It is the gravitational pull of the moon, which changes as it waxes and wanes, which influences all life on earth.
Naturally our brain activity waxes and wanes. When listening, this oscillation synchronizes to the sounds we are hearing.
The basic assumption is that central state authority in the Indonesian borderlands has never been absolute, but waxes and wanes, and state rules and laws are always up for local interpretation and negotiation.
It’s the emission of carbon dioxide, rather than frozen water, that waxes and wanes most dramatically as the active portions of the 2-kilometer-long comet rotate in and out of sunlight, A’Hearn noted during a November 4 press briefing at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., just a few hours after EPOXI passed within 700 kilometers of the elongated object.
For example, how would someone score the effects of short-term arthritis versus long-term arthritis that waxes and wanes but never resolves?
As the economy waxes and wanes, predictions about the fate of community banking have their own ups and downs.
In America the game waxes and wanes with how the Americans are doing.
Leicester waxes and wanes; and complications attending the confinement of the queen of Scots, first at Sheffield and then at Tutbury, climax in the Babington conspiracy.
Alcoholism, adultery, and divorce are hardly confined to the lower classes, but it has become an article of faith that these are the principal factors causing poverty–and such explanations are preferred in the face of evidence that poverty varies by region and waxes and wanes rather rapidly during phases of the business cycle.
The Pacific decadal oscillation waxes and wanes every 20 to 30 years.
And yet, although she waxes and wanes, the Magdalene never disappears from Christian spirituality or from Christian art.
Starting around mid-year and continuing through 2001, the sun reaches the peak of its natural 11-year solar cycle, in which the sun’s magnetic field waxes and wanes. But at its peak, or solar maximum, the sun’s magnetic field goes ballistic.
“Circular” places Posnick in an unhurried solo (to Beth Quist’s haunting a cappella vocal) within an intense blue pool of light as the full moon, her silent partner, waxes and wanes on the cyclorama behind her.
Public interest waxes and wanes, news coverage of legislative issues is spotty but business, politicians know, is a pretty steady date.
The sun’s magnetic activity waxes and wanes in an 11-year cycle.

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