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(= letter)Nachfassschreiben nt; (Press) → Fortsetzung f



follow-up action

nFolgemaßnahmen pl

follow-up advertising

nNachfasswerbung f

follow-up album

nNachfolgealbum nt

follow-up meeting

nFolgetreffen nt

follow-up operation

n (Police) → Nachfassoperation f; (Med) → zweite Operation
follow-up question

nFolgefrage f

follow-up study

nNachfolgestudie f

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[ˈfɒləʊˌʌp] nseguito

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(ˈfoləu) verb

1. to go or come after. I will follow (you).
2. to go along (a road, river etc). Follow this road.
3. to understand. Do you follow (my argument)?
4. to act according to. I followed his advice.

ˈfollower noun

a person who follows, especially the philosophy, ideas etc of another person. He is a follower of Plato (= Plato’s theories).

ˈfollowing noun

supporters. He has a great following among the poorer people.


1. coming after. the following day.
2. about to be mentioned. You will need the following things.


after; as a result of. Following his illness, his hair turned white.


things about to be mentioned. You must bring the following – pen, pencil, paper and rubber.

ˈfollow-up noun

further reaction or response. Was there any follow-up to the letter you wrote to the newspaper?

follow up

1. to go further in doing something. The police are following up a clue.
2. to find out more about (something). I followed up the news.

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n seguimiento, atención médica subsecuente

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