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Madame Ratignolle’s sister, who had always been with her at such trying times, had not been able to come up from the plantation, and Adele had been inconsolable until Mrs.
It was, perhaps, the reaction after the trying time she had had in the country.
The only sign I can detect of the struggle it must cost her to preserve appearances at this trying time, expresses itself in a sudden unwillingness, on her part, ever to be left alone.
Speaking to the media in Rawalpindi, Rasheed said, ‘I confess these are trying times and that there is inflation, but it will take another year to stabilise the economy.’
These are trying times for our young, 38-year-old democracy.
We live in trying times and we could all use more comic relief in our lives.
Summary: Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Aug 24 (ANI): A small town between Madikeri and Kushalnagar in Karnataka, brought together a Church, temple and a Madrasa to provide shelter to those affected by the floods, proving that even in trying times of misery and devastation, humanity transcends all barriers of discrimination.
Our sincere thoughts are with his family at these sad and trying times.
Despite the overwhelmingly trying times afflicted upon us, we have, and will continue facilitating any inquiry, and avail ourselves to any requesting authorities.
I’ve learned the hard way that my mental health is more important than keeping up with the latest “breaking news.” And, who knows, ignorance just might become a fashionable way to avoid the painful reality of these trying times.
From Word Is, we pray for peace and comfort for the family in these trying times.
These are trying times. No matter how most Filipinos distract themselves by losing themselves in the revelry of Christmas, we’re in the midst of trying times.
Other MPAs also spoke on the issue and requested the house to approach the federal government to take up the issue with the United Nations and Bangladesh to pull out them from trying times.
‘Given the trying times hindi po talaga dapat bawasan o gawing zero, bagkus ay lalong suportahan,’ Gascon said during the Senate finance committee hearing.

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