The greatest of all time

The debate as to who is the greatest of all time is always a hot topic in sports.
He’s most probably the greatest of all time so it’s great to hit with him
Those teams were considered the greatest of all time in Anfield legend, and van Dijk is not scared of the challenge of trying to join those greats.
Summary: When the greatest of all time is still at the peak of his prowess, ageless and endless are mere expressions.
Despite his achievements, Durant still does not feature during discussions about the greatest of all time (GOAT) 6 his legacy has still not been cemented.
Following its release NME, Rolling Stone and Q have listed the album as one of the greatest of all time.
Is a GOAT of any sport truly the greatest of all time, or simply the greatest of YOUR time?
But we need to take the rough with the smooth and be grateful we’ve had a front row seat to witness the greatest of all time or the GOAT as the kids call it these days.
The Kwentong Jollibee video showcases the incredible father-child relationship using basketball-the country’s most-loved sport-as the vehicle to deliver the message that in the game of life, dads are our best coaches-teaching and cheering us on to make the game-winning shots, always the G.O.A.T., the Greatest of All Time, in their eyes.
“Mo, Eliud and Kenenisa could all put forward a persuasive case for being the GOAT (the greatest of all time) and now they meet for the first time over the marathon distance at the Virgin Money London Marathon on Sunday 22 April.”The 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon is also the conclusion of the Abbott World Marathon Majors Series XI which started at last year’s London Marathon and includes the major marathons of Berlin, Chicago, New York, Tokyo and Boston, as well as the 2017 World Championships marathon.
Furthermore, if he was the greatest of all time, why bother to watch the sport now?
I believe this rivalry belongs with the greatest of all time, not for its longevity but for its high-octane intensity.
The event was the second visit to Middlesbrough in a year for the US fighter, widely seen as one of the greatest of all time.
City chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak has been keeping tabs on Messi since taking control of the Sky Blues in 2008, and feels the time is right to go after a player some believe to be the greatest of all time. Messi has struggled to reach the same heights that saw him score 73 goals two seasons ago, and many pundits believe he is stalling on a new contract in the hope that a move to one of Europe’s emerging giants – including City and PSG – materialises.
“I think you would have to equal Hendry’s record to be classified as the greatest of all time. I can’t put myself in that league just yet.”

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