Street urchin – definition of street urchin by The Free Dictionary

He rose to his feet, flung aside the straw pallet upon the street urchins, and fled.
Finley, who lives with his parents in Chelmondiston, Suffolk, started helping his dad at the age of six, dressing as a Victorian “street urchin” with a grubby face.
In ‘Pan de Salawal,’ Pascua plays an ailing man who encounters a young street urchin with healing powers.
Rabbit (Matt Berry) is framed for murder and with blood all over his hands and the dead body of Larkham lying yards away from him, viewers will wonder how on earth he is going to prove his innocence – and in fact at one stage he has to bribe vital information out of a street urchin.
But the neighbourhood’s latest restaurant Street Urchin is pure Ancoats 2.0 – an ‘English market diner’ specialising in seafood.
The story is well known a street urchin Aladdin an orphan boy and his monkey Abu, fends for his keep in the streets of Agrabah, a seaside town by pick pocketing.
A musical fantasy from the director of Bohemian Rhapsody with a confident central performance from chameleon Welsh actor Taron Egerton At cinemas nationwide FILM Aladdin (PG) Aladdin is a street urchin, living in Agrabah with his pet monkey Abu.
Aladdin (Mena Massoud), a young street urchin whose only friend is his kleptomaniac pet monkey Abu, falls in love with Jasmine, the princess of Agrabah (Naomi Scott) but she is set to marry a prince by her Sultan father.
A timeless compendium of powerful tools that are applicable for everyone from a street urchin in Mumbai tomorrow to a Fortune 50 CEO in Manhattan a thousand years from now, “The Book of Don” is an ideal read for anyone progressing from one stage of their life to another.
A former street urchin whose story of transformation captured Kenyans hearts has died.
For some people, the lack of access to food leads to poverty while others view deep-seated poverty as a state of both material and social deprivation that reduces one to a mere street urchin, making one leading a life of a nomad and that too in the presence of so-called government apparatus.
It explores her early life as a street urchin who was an orphan by age twelve and who became a single mother of two who took any job she could to survive.

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