Search criteria – definition of Search criteria by The Free Dictionary

A simple manipulation of the URL search criteria not only allowed access to the data but also permitted alterations.
* Or use multiple search criteria to find all members who, for example, are oncologists, attended Duke University, have MMM credentials and live in Minnesota.
Jauntaroo’s unique algorithm ranks more than 300 potential destinations based on the consumer’s search criteria using professional reviews and customer feedback.
Is it possible to apply multiple search criteria when searching for email messages in Outlook 2016?
Through TriNetX, ICON can conduct real-time feasibility reviews by analyzing patient populations with search criteria across multiple data points, and assess inclusion and exclusion criteria that impact patient recruitment.
Expanding the rental search criteria out to Dublin 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8, more than half of 64 flat-shares available for [euro]500 or less are shared rooms – some for up to four people.
Searching through large amounts of data 39% Identifying/accessing data sources for collection 35% Developing search criteria for determining document relevancy 15% Using In-house e-discovery search/collection 8% software effectively Working with third-party collection/processing providers 3% Source: Exterro Note: Table made from bar graph.
The map will identify any program summaries submitted since the CCA’s inception in 2012 that match the user’s search criteria. To view the map, visit
In the Search Criteria form, select your state from the dropdown list and click Find Users.
A list of available coating technologies that meet those search criteria is displayed.
“But at, all a buyer has to do is enter their search criteria into our website – as general or as detailed as they want – and every single day, our search engine will pour through all of the inventories of every dealer that lists with us, and send the buyer an immediate alert the second their search criteria finds a match.

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