Rue the day – Idioms by The Free Dictionary

But the man who has robbed me of you shall rue the day when you and he first met.”
One fierce blow at the unsuspecting horseman at his side, one cry to his French troops, one desperate charge upon the unready lines before him, and these rebellious Barons might rue the day they dared to thwart his plans!
He will live to rue the day when he married that woman!’
If these be indeed Don Tello and his men, then we must bide where we are, and do what we can to make them rue the day that they found us in their path.”
But I tell him that I’ll be a sharp thorn in his side for many a long day to come; and I tell you two, again, that you don’t know him yet; and that you’ll rue the day you took compassion on the vagabond.’
Find me a ship, therefore, with a crew of twenty men, and I will lie in wait for him in the straits between Ithaca and Samos; he will then rue the day that he set out to try and get news of his father.”
We shall both rue the day when you called the Count a Spy!”
I do think that the people who have got these sorts of punishments banned over the years should rue the day that they did so because these people carrying out crimes on our streets now have free rein to do as they please having never learned any proper respect growing up.
And he must rue the day he posed for fake paparazzi pics, starting this media feeding frenzy.
If their orders we did not obey, Then we would live to rue the day.
“Governments that do not respect central bank independence will sooner or later incur the wrath of financial markets, ignite economic fire, and come to rue the day they undermined an important regulatory institution,” Acharya said.
NBC has acted without fairness by releasing Kelly and should rue the day they made such a stupid decision.
Many could rue the day they voted without realising that they were being sold out by a few wealthy money grabbers who don’t give a jot about the rest of us.
Each time Mrs May’s administration faces the prospect of defeat she will rue the day she decided to go for the snap election which vaporised her majority.
Salt Lake City, UT, November 03, 2017 –(– Rue the Day announces their West Coast tour, “Word of Hate Tour” Dec.

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