Rose-tinted glasses – Idioms by The Free Dictionary

“There are still too many people in Formula One running around with rose-tinted glasses,” The Telegraph quoted Ecclestone, as saying.
but where are all the straight guys?; That’s dare you wear a jazzier jacket than me!; Lulu looks at life through rose-tinted glasses..
But rather than thanking Southend for rescuing him from exile at Leeds, Ricketts’ agent is still looking at his client with rose-tinted glasses.
Steve Anderson’s somewhat ‘sanguine’ view of the situation beggars belief, perhaps he was wearing his rose-tinted glasses on as he replied in his Post letter?
Perhaps on the day she viewed it (if she did) she was wearing her rose-tinted glasses, and did not notice that much of the length of the lane has vehicles parked down one side for pretty well most of the time, and it is therefore virtually a one lane thoroughfare.
CAN we hand out white sticks to those who view football through rose-tinted glasses on the grounds that they’re blinded from reality?
Naturally, the high street is also looking at this season through rose-tinted glasses.
I was filled with wonder at the powers of the rose-tinted glasses. “Do I?
The film is set long after most romantic comedies end, at the point where the lead protagonists have taken off their rose-tinted glasses and seen each other’s foibles close up.
A week ago Ecclestone claimed there were “too many people in F1 running around with rose-tinted glasses“, believing “the sun is shining and life is beautiful”.
“People with rose-tinted glasses are more responsive to positive things in the environment.
I know it’s easy to say that things were better in the old days, and more often than not people are looking through rose-tinted glasses, but in this case a few steps back to the days of tighter controls may not be such a bad thing.
Because I’m afraid it is time he took off his rose-tinted glasses a faced up to some facts.
NOT only do rose-tinted glasses make everything look better, they are an instant way to make you look like a fashionista with her finger on the pulse.
It is easy to look back through the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia and imagine that our towns were much better years ago.

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