Read the room – Idioms by The Free Dictionary

Everybody just needs to read the room and get along.
* Read the room. A large insurance carrier that I worked for introduced a “Dress for Your Day” policy.
But one follower didn’t quite read the room when he tweeted her to say: “No wonder her boyfriend is desperate to stick his c**k up her a**e.”
A deep knowledge of music, a sense of timing and the ability to read the room are very important.
Learn and educate yourself on body language, take the puppy to classes run by qualified behaviourists, ask questions of professionals, remembering that a growl or a bark is one of the only forms of communication for a dog, it is how he tells you he is unhappy or scared or anxious, read the room ask yourself why is he scared?
We read the room, as they say, like a book, something we learn how to do well at least in part by reading books.
But a yappy dog on one of Those Leads – a retractable, plausible deniability lead, a jogger’s tripwire – failed to read the room accurately.
Asked why Guterres had called a halt, Eide said he made the decision after he “read the room“.
Positioned in close proximity, the works slipped from registering as iconic images to suggesting stories and panoramas, and thereby pushed the viewer to expand his field of vision and to read the room, gleaning clues wherever possible.
They try to read the room so they can tell interviewers what they want to hear.
Having tested the water (if you put the Prince in charge of Britain for a week, like parents going away on holiday, “the whole country would turn into Risky Business”) and read the room, Whitehall struck gold: “What you did in Afghanistan, the bravery.
* Executive Function, which is introduced to children using concepts such as “Stop and Read the Room” for situational awareness; “Ready, Do, Done,” the 3 Steps to task execution; and understanding the “Passage of Time.” These concepts were developed by Sarah Ward, MS, CCC-SLP, and Kristen Jacobsen, MS, CCC-SLP of
Keep doing that during your talks as well; that not only helps you read the room but also keeps your connection alive.
I used to go on fundraising sorties with Sandy into corporate offices, but I could never sense what had gone down during the meetings, so Sandy would read the room for me.
For instance, there are fancy bottles of water on the room tables, and I’m just about to wash away the long travel day when I happen to read the room menu.

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