Pressed for time – Idioms by The Free Dictionary

Although earning more money makes us feel more pressed for time, changing the way we spend that money may provide an escape from the time crunch.
”Although we are pressed for time, we hope (many) people will apply,” said Tadamori Oshima, head of the prefectural chapter.
As Internet users become more pressed for time, Sprout is said to enable users to find news articles or blogs that are relevant to them.
It’s About Time: Time Saving Tips for Every Day–Home or Away is a no-nonsense guide to time management, especially recommended for homemakers, college students, parents, and anyone else desperately pressed for time. Chapters also have tips for freeing up space, though learning to stretch the hours in one’s day is the primary focus.
Pulse Express (1599870002, $7.99, 42 min.) is a condensed routine designed to meet workout needs in thirty minutes, for the fitness-conscious who are pressed for time, and is enhanced with an exclusive interview with Argie Ligeros Tang and Prisca Boris, who co-founded the Y4A Teacher Training Programs with Tang.
Cleveland Clinic physicians polled 4,166 CABG patients right after surgery and asked if they would describe themselves as typically stressed, or feeling pressed for time, angry or sad.
If you’re pressed for time, this is the perfect gadget for you.
If you are pressed for time, freeze berries in bulk for processing later.
But those days are long gone and, since everyone is so pressed for time, it is now accepted for the list to be sent with the invitations or a log-in number for an internet service.
The garage and filling station beat competition from the likes of Durham ironing company Pressed for Time and North Shields’ Headquarters Hairdressers.
Stranded recently in Boundary Street, north Liverpool, with a punctured bicycle and pressed for time to get to a lecture at Liverpool University, I was relieved that only the second cab I hailed stopped and allowed the bike into the passenger compartment.
As women juggle their career, family and social life, feeling pressed for time is an everyday occurrence and as valuable time is wasted, irritations can surface, often resulting in angry outbursts of queue rage.
With Quick Fit: The Complete 15-Minute No-Sweat Workout, even those who are most pressed for time have no excuse now.
“Faculty are so pressed for time that if we emphasize things that save them time and energy, they pay huge dividends.
The most common way to qualify–World Cup rankings and top challenge-race finishes–are not very likely options for Faisel, who is pressed for time and still fairly inexperienced.

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