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Selenators were quick to realize Selena’s accidental nip slip and have immensely liked and commented heavily on her black and white picture.
Lateysha Grace of Big Brother fame has accidentally shown off the results of her recent plastic surgery overhaul by forgetting that black dress + bright camera flash = nip slip.
“It was barely there – let’s call it the nip slip that wasn’t-but Lopez almost had an embarrassing moment while presenting an Oscar on stage with Cameron Diaz.
The brunette beauty attempted to stand out from the crowd, as she wore a superhero-inspired outfit, coming dangerously close to a full blown nip slip.
The former ‘Destiny’s Child’ star treated her fans to a “double nip slip” while playing a brief solo set at the 4Sixty6 nightclub in West Orange on Sunday when her bra-style top accidentally slip up.
Of course it’s not the first time we’ve seen her nipple this week – on Sunday evening she suffered a nip slip in a moment caught on camera.
Beyonce nip slip was a trending topic for a while, until word spread that it was all some visual trickery, thanks to the diva’s performance outfit at the Grammy Awards 2014.
Khloe, who had worn a black top with sheer fabric on the sides and sleeves on the show ‘Fox and Friends’ show, tweeted: “I had a nip slip and I loved it!”
The video was first shown in “Ellen,” featuring Kim Kardashian in a motorbike, topless and with an evident nip slip!
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