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He showed when winning the Queen Mary with the unheralded Signora Cabello last season that he can spot a bargain and Keep Busy, a 34,000 guineas purchase, showed enough on debut to suggest she will win races.
Fury claims training wards off his demons and he said: “I’ll just fight anybody, the local bin man, anyone as long as I can keep active and keep busy.
Samina is of the view that sports teams are also a great way for the children to keep busy during their summer holidays, and also to have lots of fun.
Both now widows, the pair live near Truro, Cornwall, and said the key to a long and happy life is to keep busy and keep smiling.
Using a laptop computer supplied on loan to me, and “Headmouse/Keystrokes” assistive software purchased for me by the National MS Society, I can now, even though bed-bound, keep busy typing e-mails, researching my interests on the Internet, and doing creative graphics with Photoshop.
The former maths lecturer at South Tyneside College retired 11 years ago and set up the website to keep busy.
YOUNGSTERS with a flair for cricket can book up to keep busy for the summer holidays at a borough sports club.
To keep busy, he bags groceries and becomes friendly with a checkout clerk.
Part of the plan is to keep busy, and one of the ways to keep busy is to be involved in a book discussion group of elderly people who meet regularly.
The club does a tremendous amount on this front, and it’s good to know that I can keep busy with such activities while I’m making my recovery.
Gish: We keep busy. Writing songs, and playing a lot.
Emily Rooney likes to keep busy. The 13-year-old from Quincy, Massachusetts, plays on three soccer teams.
I like to keep busy; something to do with building things or fixing things.”
In Toronto recently on a visit to the Anglican Church of Canada partnerships department, the bishop, who is also chaplain of Sri Lanka’s National Christian Council, said that the churches keep busy selling the peace.
With five kids–Frank, 14; Tracy, 14; Bert, 11; Wayne, 8; and Ernie, 5–you guys must keep busy. What’s a typical day like?

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