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1. noun, slang An offensive and derogatory slur for a transgender, transsexual, transvestite, or cross-dressing person.

2. noun, slang The transmission of an automobile. The mechanic said it was probably an issue with the trannie. The dumb kid blew out the trannie on his truck while drag racing with his friends.

3. noun, dated slang A transistor radio. I remember when we were kids, our dad bought us a trannie to play with so we could learn about electronics. The watchtower only had a rusty old trannie to make contact with the outside world.

4. adjective, slang In skateboarding, an instance in which the rider transitions (hence the name) from a horizontal plane to a steep vertical drop, or vice-versa, especially while performing a particular trick or move. I caught the edge of my board during the trannie and completely wiped out.

5. adjective, slang Indicating a style of skateboarding in which the rider transitions from a horizontal plane to a steep vertical drop on a specialized skate ramp. I’ve always loved the thrill of trannie skating, though I’ve broken a few bones doing it over the years.

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