Hold my breath – Idioms by The Free Dictionary

I had so much presence of mind, as well as breath left, that seeing myself nearer the mainland than I expected, I got upon my feet, and endeavoured to make on towards the land as fast as I could before another wave should return and take me up again; but I soon found it was impossible to avoid it; for I saw the sea come after me as high as a great hill, and as furious as an enemy, which I had no means or strength to contend with: my business was to hold my breath, and raise myself upon the water if I could; and so, by swimming, to preserve my breathing, and pilot myself towards the shore, if possible, my greatest concern now being that the sea, as it would carry me a great way towards the shore when it came on, might not carry me back again with it when it gave back towards the sea.

The last time of these two had well-nigh been fatal to me, for the sea having hurried me along as before, landed me, or rather dashed me, against a piece of rock, and that with such force, that it left me senseless, and indeed helpless, as to my own deliverance; for the blow taking my side and breast, beat the breath as it were quite out of my body; and had it returned again immediately, I must have been strangled in the water; but I recovered a little before the return of the waves, and seeing I should be covered again with the water, I resolved to hold fast by a piece of the rock, and so to hold my breath, if possible, till the wave went back.

The stench is so strong that I had to hold my breath as I watched children playing on wet sticky ground.
But I was able to hold my breath for two mins and 20 seconds.
I won’t hold my breath waiting for an answer, if your tax is deducted through PAYE you have no chance,computers are no excuse.”
They are now saying they are going to spend f 12million on new players – I won’t hold my breath for that.
Well if I was her I wouldn’t hold my breath. Apart from the fact Anthony’s as thick as a brick outhouse, the only conversations he was able to hold down in the jungle were those about his hairy chest, his tiny nipples and his paranoia about his body.
If hold my breath, wear black and adopt the posture of someone who’s no stranger to haemorrhoids, I swear I look slimmer.
I hold my breath as I pull through the shot and squeeze the trigger.
I won’t hold my breath, but I’d love for my senior men’s tennis team to win the national championship.
I couldn’t hold my breath for long at first, but it is just a matter of training and practice.
Although my lazy predilections are for a looser sort of architecture, especially in the domestic field, I cannot but hold my breath in awe of his achievements, his singleness of purpose, the outstanding ability to extract a formal architectural order out of so many diverse building tasks and heighten it to the level of eloquent dominance, as is so evident at the National Theatre.
“I wouldn’t hold my breath expectingaction this year.’
He explained: “This is a dangerous sport, very dangerous, and I have to hold my breath for a long time by most people’s standards.

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