Hard worker – definition of hard worker by The Free Dictionary

He had been a hard worker, a daring speculator with nerves of iron, and courage which would have glorified a nobler cause.
I’m only thirty-four, a hard worker, with a tidy sum to boot–not that I’m boasting about it.”
It is said that the vast majority of the Heidelberg students are hard workers, and make the most of their opportunities; that they have no surplus means to spend in dissipation, and no time to spare for frolicking.
At eight o’clock when all these hard workers assemble to dine at Veneering’s, it is understood that the cabs of Boots and Brewer mustn’t leave the door, but that pails of water must be brought from the nearest baiting-place, and cast over the horses’ legs on the very spot, lest Boots and Brewer should have instant occasion to mount and away.
“Well, they are not hard workers, and very thoughtless and full of spirits; but I can’t help liking them.
Valerie said: “Bellamianta tan have worked with Maura for the last few years, she’s a dedicated, hard worker.
“I’ve watched him the last couple of years and he is a very hard worker and a player that can play any roll on any line.
He said that dedicated and hard worker would be rewarded with cash and certificates.
“A hard worker. There is nothing I can guarantee as far as you know just being a hard worker,” said Tratter on what he could guarantee on the team that will draft him.
Speaking at a memorial service on September 18, BDP chairman Mr Slumber Tsogwane said the nation had lost an icon and a hard worker and a loyal member of the party.
According to the details a departmental promotion board was held in committee room at Central Police Office in which service records of able hard worker and dutiful inspectors from different districts came under consideration and members of board have sanctioned the promotion of fifty inspectors to the ranks of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP).

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