Green with envy – Idioms by The Free Dictionary

The gleaming metal and jewels of the gorgeous ornaments of the men and women, duplicated in the trappings of the zitidars and thoats, and interspersed with the flashing colors of magnificent silks and furs and feathers, lent a barbaric splendor to the caravan which would have turned an East Indian potentate green with envy.
It turned Brer Merlin green with envy and spite, which was a great satisfaction to me.
At first, no result at all crowned my efforts, though I ‘divided my swift mind,’ now hither, now thither, in a way that I felt sure would have made AEneas green with envy: but the dimly-seen oval remained as provokingly blank as ever–a mere Ellipse, as if in some mathematical diagram, without even the Foci that might be made to do duty as a nose and a mouth.
But the two brothers had grown quite green with envy, and only declared the more that Ferko was nothing but a wicked magician.
There was enough crazy and rotten rubbish in the building to make a true brick-a-bracker green with envy. A painting in the dining-hall verged upon the indelicate– but then the Margravine was herself a trifle indelicate.
The trophies that these Kro-lu left to the meat-eaters would have turned an English big-game hunter green with envy. They did, it is true, cut all the edible parts from the rhino and carry them home; but already they were pretty well weighted down with the spoils of the chase, and only the fact that they are particularly fond of rhino-meat caused them to do so.
STYLISH racegoers were green with envy as Leona Skelly was named Best Dressed yesterday.
Yellow is but so is green as lawns and GREEN WITH ENVY plants come back to life.
If you are feeling a bit green with envy this coat is still available and is actually reduced from PS279 to PS195 online (although sizes are limited).
He may have ditched her for a sports star, but Holly is a true diamond in the rough, and it won’t be long before she tees up a new man – leaving him green with envy.
My brother and cousin are green with envy, being Albion fans, and my wife – a Chelsea fan – smiled politely.
Orly Nail Varnish in Green With Envy 5.3ml | pounds 5 Part of a new minis collection, an aquamarine blue shade of green which is bright and cheerful for summer.
The vehicle features two A-line body-side stripes – either in matte black (standard) or white (optional), new five-spoke cast-aluminium wheels, and premium Dark Slate Nappa leather seats and a centre console that feature Green With Envy accent stitching to tie into the exterior.
Could Lord Cashcroft be green with envy now he is such close pals with the PM?

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