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Imperial has about 2.4 times as many post-grads as Swansea; this means Swansea should, if its post-grad students are as effective as Imperial at patenting innovation, have about 64 issued US patents, but Swansea University only has five.
Mount Royal University has announced it has partnered with Sunwing Airlines to move Mount Royal’s post-grad aviation students into Sunwing’s cadet program, the company said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 26, 2019-Mount Royal University, Sunwing Air to place post-grad aviation students in cadet program
Travel Business Review-March 26, 2019-Mount Royal University, Sunwing Air to place post-grad aviation students in cadet program
He received his MBBS from King Edward Medical College in Lahore, and his post-grad from Edinburgh, before joining the Indian Army Medical Corps.
Each school was selected on the basis of 40+ data points, including academics, cost of attendance, financial aid, and post-grad salary figures.
Open to students from sixth grade through a post-grad year after high school, Victory Rock Prep was founded in 2012.
Because many of the employees who work at New Age Spa Institute are pet owners, the Des Plaines post-grad school wanted to get involved in this cause.
Following a post-grad stint working in marketing for Madison Square Garden in the ’80s, Marsha Lindsay returned to her home state to start a master’s degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she had a consumer psychology fellowship.
Remedial and refresher courses are common in undergraduate programs, and more post-grad business schools are identifying opportunities to prep incoming students for the rigorous coursework to come.
A once great, adversarial voice, ‘The Voice’ as everyone called it, had been reduced by successive corporate masters to the kind of generic post-grad piffle that deserves the name ‘content.’ It wasn’t good for much other than swaddling injured pigeons these last few years but at one time it was really something and how many publications can say that?
As for post-grad study or work, today more students opt for postgraduate study, 39% (2017) compared with 26% (2014) for regular program, while as high as 62% for the dual-degree program.

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