Feel myself – Idioms by The Free Dictionary

I feel myself at the mercy of the first whim in the Vanstone direction which may come into her head — I, the architect of her fortunes.
I have received your letter, and though I do not attempt to conceal that I am gratified by your impatience for the hour of meeting, I yet feel myself under the necessity of delaying that hour beyond the time originally fixed.

‘No; it ain’t “damned,”‘ observed Sam, holding the letter up to the light, ‘it’s “shamed,” there’s a blot there–“I feel myself ashamed.”‘

‘”Feel myself ashamed, and completely cir–‘ I forget what this here word is,’ said Sam, scratching his head with the pen, in vain attempts to remember.

‘”Feel myself ashamed and completely circumscribed in a- dressin’ of you, for you are a nice gal and nothin’ but it.”‘

As soon as I opened the door the sight of him so terrified me that I stood rooted to the spot, and could feel myself turning pale.
Wild he was; a very sight of sights to see; yet I began to feel myself mysteriously drawn towards him.
It is astonishing how sociable I feel myself compared with him.
Seeing, therefore, that the struggle was now over, and that his master was returning to mount Rocinante, he approached to hold the stirrup for him, and, before he could mount, he went on his knees before him, and taking his hand, kissed it saying, “May it please your worship, Senor Don Quixote, to give me the government of that island which has been won in this hard fight, for be it ever so big I feel myself in sufficient force to be able to govern it as much and as well as anyone in the world who has ever governed islands.”
Summary: I could feel the ground, feel myself grounded to the earth.
“Did I feel myself swing side by side in the office?
‘Couldn’t help but feel myself getting all up in my feelings listening to this brand new song for the live action Aladdin.
Work is really a big word for what I do” Graham Norton “When I do feel myself going down a rabbit hole, it gets to a point where you’re almost craving something negative so you can sit in a hole of sadness.
“Speaking to the players, I could feel myself bubbling up, getting even more hungry for next season.
For this reason, I feel myself both at work and on vacation in Baku.”

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