essential – definition of non-essential by The Free Dictionary

She even went so far as to murmur that they were non-essentials and that my trip after them might be inexpedient.
Airlines are advising against non-essential travel today and tomorrow.
The custom dollar for non-essential products will be at LE 16.7703.
The affluent class consuming such non-essential imports can afford to pay higher price.
The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has urged Metro Manila residents to take advantage of the rain showers occurring in the afternoon or evening, by collecting and recycling water for non-essential uses, such as car washing, watering of plants, and toilet flushing.
”Yong i-limit ‘yong paggamit ng treated water, and instead gamitin ‘yong recycled or harvest rainfall sa mga non-essential na gamit,’ he added.
Summary: New Delhi [India], May 28 (ANI): Acknowledging the return of normalcy in Sri Lanka following the Easter Sunday terror attacks, the Indian government on Tuesday advised its citizens to be “careful and vigilant” while traveling to the island nation, unlike the previous travel advisory where Indians were told to avoid all non-essential travel to the country altogether.
We now have issues on whether men and women should serve together in army units, whether Torah students should be drafted, whether non-essential government works should be done on Shabbat and Supreme Court decisions which conflict with Jewish law.
“Iran is not planning an attack and poses no threat to anyone in Iraq or the world.” It said “Iran is defending itself and has no strategy to attack any country, and our people will not surrender to the new psychological war,” It described the request of the US State Department to its non-essential staff to leave Iraq, as last chapter of the American psychological war against Iran.
Three in 10 (29%) people will shop for non-essential items, and a quarter (26%) will book tickets or make plans to socialise in the first week after payday.
In December 2018, Egypt announced ending the discounted customs exchange rate for some imported goods, which are considered non-essential.

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