Eighth note – definition of eighth note by The Free Dictionary

In bar two, the second sixteenth note of beat three and the second eighth note of beat four both match in both lines.
WORDWISE: C WHO AM I: Pete Doherty 10 QUESTIONS: 1 A (boiled) sweet, 2 Gets the grease, 3 Treaty (North American Treaty Organisation), 4 R.E.M., 5 Snapchat, 6 Ho Chi Minh City, 7 Quaver (or eighth note), 8 The Hurt Locker, 9 Majorca (Palma de Mallorca), 10 CS Lewis
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Another sign of progress, I noticed the valves were very sticky despite oiling, and playing eighth note runs was a trial.
On the one hand, rules 2a and 3c are applied between the triplet and the quarter note and, on the other hand, rules 2b and 3 a are applied between the quarter note and the eighth note. In order to support the quarter note as the beginning of the grouping, we could go back to the beginning of this movement, where both the piano and the flute have the same rhythmic motifs (quarter note, two eighth notes, and quarter note) with the same melodic sequence (Figure 3).
In both the new Henle edition and the Amadeus edition, the last eighth note of m.
If two notes are attached to each other, that means they are each eighth notes. Just like you learned in math class, each eighth note is worth exactly half of a quarter note.
* Students will first begin by identifying which color M&Ms represent which notes: an eighth note, a quarter note, a half note, and a whole note (the pretzels will be the stems).
Since not every eighth note is articulated, there are innumerable points where a possible simultaneity is avoided because one or both voices is either sustaining a note or resting.
He tried to extend this further, referring to it as the law of octaves (as in music, where the same seven notes are repeated over and over, with every eighth note resembling the first octave higher, octave coming from the Latin word for “https://www.thefreedictionary.com/eight”).

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