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يَسْتَمِديُشْتَق من

mítodvoditodvodit zpocházet zzískávat z

komme frastamme fraudvinde



fá, öîlastvera dregiî af

būti kilusiamdarinysišvestinissemtissusidarymas



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(= get) to derive sth from [+ pleasure, benefit] → tirer qch de
to derive sth from doing sth [+ benefit, pleasure, satisfaction] → trouver qch dans le fait de faire qch

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(diˈraiv) verb

(with from).

1. to come or develop from. The word `derives’ is derived from an old French word.
2. to draw or take from (a source or origin). We derive comfort from his presence.

ˌderiˈvation (deri-) noun

1. the source or origin (of a word etc).
2. the process of deriving.

derivative (diˈrivətiv) adjective

derived from something else and not original.


a word, substance etc formed from another word, substance etc. `Reader’ is a derivative of `read’.

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v. derivar, inferir, deducir; descender, proceder.

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